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Paving the way since 1992!


Since 1992 LaHave Paving have been providing a wide range of paving services to both residential and commercial clients in Nova Scotia.

  • Paving is Convenient…
    Asphalt paving provides a durable, low maintenance, long lasting solution! Additional surface treatments are available.

  • Paving adds Value…
    A beautifully paved driveway or parking lot adds value to your property and creates a positive impression of your home or business.

  • Paving is Recyclable…
    Asphalt may look black but it is actually very Green! Asphalt is a recyclable material which means it can be used over and over, and its life-cycle never ends! It is also easy to repair.


What area does LaHave Paving serve?

LaHave Paving has been serving Nova Scotia's South Shore for over 20 years. Whether you're in Bridgewater, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Liverpool, Shelburne, New Germany, Chester, Tantallon, or anywhere else in between, contact us today for a free estimate!

How important is the base under the asphalt?

The base is the most important part of the job. It should consist of no less than 4-6" of compacted granular materials .

How long should I wait to get my driveway paved after having my house is built?

Depending on the soil conditions and how much excavation work has been done around your home, you should wait between one to two years before paving your driveway.

Should I seal my driveway?

Your driveway should be sealed at a minimum of every other year. Sealer will help repel harmful elements, maintain the integrity of the asphalt, and prolong the life of your driveway. Sealer should not be applied in the first 45 days.

I just spilled gas / oil on my new driveway, what should I do?

Quickly wash away what you can with a garden hose, add a soap detergent (do no scrub) and continue washing away with water.

How long should I wait before driving on my new driveway?

For any newly paved driveway, it is important to wait at least 3 days before you drive on it. If the temperature outside is 20°C or more, it would be advisable to wait for a longer period of time. Once your driveway has had a chance to cure, it is important that you remember to not turn the wheels of your vehicle sharply on hot days. When you do drive on the driveway, make sure the vehicle is in motion when turning the wheels. You can help your driveway cure by watering it with a garden hose.

What should I look for in a paving company?

When it comes to asphalt installations and repair, there are no universal standards or specifications. Asphalt management is left largely to the integrity and knowledge of your contractor. Because there are many shortcuts that paving companies may take, it is important to understand the ins and outs of asphalt and hold your contractor accountable.

How can I get an estimate for a potential residential or commercial property project?

Unlike other paving companies who will give quotes over the phone, we pride ourselves in providing free on-site consultations. By assessing the worksite in person, we examine the true needs of the client. The bid will reflect the paving industry’s non-competitive, fixed cost of asphalt, combined with the cost of quality labor. Our tightly written specifications will outline the asphalt area needs, insuring that the job is completed correctly the first time, which will inevitably sustain the asphalt and the environment.